Our Stationery

We needed stationery. More specifically we needed business cards, and maybe something to give people to remember us by. We didn't want compliment slips... what do you do with compliment slips anyway? And we knew that whatever stationery we produced should also be sustainably produced.

Our solution? Kill three birds with one stone. We designed a poster-postcard-business card-in-one. An A2 poster on one side, that we could roll up, send out and impress people with, and business cards and some postcards on the other side.

This meant that our printers (www.calverts.coop) simply had to do one print run with two different paper stocks (thin paper for posters, thick for business cards and postcards). The business cards and postcards were then trimmed - giving each one a nice section of poster on the back.

This design strategy led to an estimated 60%,carbon reduction, and the printing cost half what it would have cost, leaving aside the carbon and energy savings from using 100% recycled paper.

So we saved energy by using a big Heidelberg printer less than we could have done, and we got more by using two sides of an SRA2 sheet to make three different pieces of brand collateral, and we get to tell people this story.

What was on the poster? Well instead of printing some sort of manifesto we thought it might be more interesting to list the names of all the people (and some places) which had influenced us over the years. It's a long list, but there are some interesting people on there and its worth a look.