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Wednesday 15 October 2008 | Posted by Luke Nicholson

Sustainable profitability and the new economic reality

The last few weeks have thrown up plenty of speculation about what the current economic crisis will do to the efforts of businesses and governments on sustainability issues. From here at More it looks as though prospects for doing sustainable business in this new environment are if anything improved - making more value at less cost is the central idea that business and sustainability share. In an environment of contraction, clients are actively looking for solutions that solve their carbon issues and their core business issues in concert.

The decks will be cleared as well: a lot of superficial practice will be shown up, and many greenwashers will let go of 'green' as they focus on short term cashflow issues. This would give a clearer run to organisations who see sustainable profitability as central to future success, and reduce PR noise around genuinely good practice. The FT have just put out a Sustainable Business supplement, available on their website, that provides a good overview of some perspectives in this broad debate.

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Thursday 25 December 2008 | Posted by Luke Nicholson

More Associates anticipates 2009; wishes merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone!

2008 was an exciting year for More: It was the year that Onzo became independent, won major investment to take climate-change to the masses, and was later listed in the Guardian clean-tech 100. The new GVEP International website was shortlisted for the prestigious EBIC Social Impact Awards for its success in taking sophisticated knowledge and information management to the third sector. And John Grant's 'Green Marketing Manifesto' recently won the environmental category of the British Book Design and Production Awards 2008.

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Tuesday 10 February 2009 | Posted by Luke Nicholson

Onzo reveal the shape of mass-market product

Congratulations to Onzo, the smart energy company spun off from More Associates just one year ago, who have released much-anticipated images of the Onzo product that will shortly be dropping through the letterboxes of energy-savers. The smart energy-saving kit is designed to be easy-to-use, attractive, and efficient; all so that people can save energy and carbon as easily as possible. Have a look at their press release here. Onzo products will be available in mid-2009 through Scottish and Southern Energy in the UK, and through retail and energy suppliers globally.

Monday 08 February 2010 | Posted by Luke Nicholson

More Associates to pilot CarbonCulture on the Defra estate

The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs today decided to pilot More Associates’ behaviour-change and realtime information platform, CarbonCulture, for use across the Defra estate. Defra have been doing sector-leading work on the physical fabric of their estate for the last 18 months, since the beginning of their facilities management contract with Interserve.

Tuesday 23 February 2010 | Posted by Luke Nicholson

DECC select CarbonCulture behaviour-change programme

Today an extremely thorough procurement process came to a successful close when the Department of Energy and Climate Change selected More Associates to deliver an innovative programme that brings together realtime information with design-for-behaviour change. The project will create tools to deliver behavioural efficiency in DECC’s London headquarters, and that will have ready application across the Government estate.

Wednesday 03 December 2008 | Posted by Luke Nicholson

Environmental book design of the year goes to More Associates project

We're very proud to announce that the the Green Marketing Manifesto by John Grant won the Environmental award in the British Book Design and Production Awards 2008. Visual design, art-direction, sustainable design and technical approach for the book were delivered by More Associates. The design maintained the quality feel of a hardback book, while reducing its embodied carbon and waste impact, and reflecting the content of the book in its production.

Friday 06 August 2010 | Posted by Luke Nicholson

CarbonCulture launches at seven Whitehall Departments

CarbonCulture is a new initiative started by More Associates for organisations that want to get really good at saving energy and carbon. Structured as a social enterprise, CarbonCulture exists to help all its members find the best 'moves' they can make to save energy and carbon.

CarbonCulture will spread that knowledge amongst the membership so we can all get better at saving as quickly and as cheaply as possible. We've been working for some time with pioneers DECC and Defra to design strategies to achieve initial savings.

After months of work, the first organisations to sign up launched with CarbonCulture's debut tool last week - an easy-to-use reporting tool to allow members to show the public their present energy and carbon practices. These are some of the most progressive Government departments – from HM Treasury to the Cabinet Office.

Shortly, new tools will be offered to members that will help to identify and drive new savings. CarbonCulture will be providing some amazing tools to help to do this in the coming weeks and months. If your organisation would like to get involved, send an email to membership@carbonculture.net.

Monday 10 October 2011 | Posted by Luke Nicholson

Carbon 2.0 event at City Hall

CarbonCulture is hosting a high-profile conferenceat London’s City Hall on 19th October that will spark debate about the role of digital media in driving low cost solutions to climate change.

The event, entitled “Carbon 2.0: Can London lead the low-carbon revolution?”, will be chaired by journalist and author Lucy Siegle with an expert panel including a special guest from the GLA; Mat Hunter, Chief Design Officer at the Design Council; Molly Webb, Head of Smart Technologies at the Climate Group; Jennifer Clark, Director of Environment at Skanska PLC; and our very own Luke Nicholson, founder and director of CarbonCulture.

Places are limited so please contact Eben Marks on rsvp@carbonculture.net or call him on 020 7550 5620 if you would like to attend. The full invitation is available here.