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Friday 09 March 2007 | Posted by Admin User

Producer vs. User Centred design?

Interesting article by Eric von Hippel writing in the Harvard Business Review (subscription only so no link to the actual piece I'm afraid).

He outlines some clear shortcomings in the way that large companies and governments fail to respond to user needs in the products they develop, and the way in which innovation in these companies is still 'producer-centred' rather than 'user-centred' i.e driven by what the company thinks is right as opposed to what users know is right. Taking up the 'open source' aesthetic, people are now prepared to adapt, play with and improve products when they doesn't meet their needs.

Monday 08 February 2010 | Posted by Luke Nicholson

More Associates to pilot CarbonCulture on the Defra estate

The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs today decided to pilot More Associates’ behaviour-change and realtime information platform, CarbonCulture, for use across the Defra estate. Defra have been doing sector-leading work on the physical fabric of their estate for the last 18 months, since the beginning of their facilities management contract with Interserve.