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Friday 09 March 2007 | Posted by Admin User

Producer vs. User Centred design?

Interesting article by Eric von Hippel writing in the Harvard Business Review (subscription only so no link to the actual piece I'm afraid).

He outlines some clear shortcomings in the way that large companies and governments fail to respond to user needs in the products they develop, and the way in which innovation in these companies is still 'producer-centred' rather than 'user-centred' i.e driven by what the company thinks is right as opposed to what users know is right. Taking up the 'open source' aesthetic, people are now prepared to adapt, play with and improve products when they doesn't meet their needs.

Friday 17 February 2012 | Posted by Luke Nicholson

Python/Django web developer

CarbonCulture – the latest initiative of More Associates – is an innovative digital platform to help people save energy and carbon. Our systems are currently in use by Number 10 Downing Street and the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change. We get to work with world-class thinkers to build software that helps people get engaged in saving energy and carbon using social media and gaming techniques, whether or not they think of themselves as ‘green’.

We are recruiting for an enthusiastic developer who loves building rich, compelling, scalable Web applications, and tools to assist data specialists maintain and analyse large time-series data sets, making the most of the best technologies currently available. We have a large existing code base built using Python and Django on the backend, HTML5 and CSS3 on the frontend. As a small company our developers are involved at every level of development, from designing system architecture and database structures to building it and helping designers understand the technical challenges and possibilities.