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Monday 08 February 2010

More Associates to pilot CarbonCulture on the Defra estate

The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs today decided to pilot More Associates’ behaviour-change and realtime information platform, CarbonCulture, for use across the Defra estate. Defra have been doing sector-leading work on the physical fabric of their estate for the last 18 months, since the beginning of their facilities management contract with Interserve.

The Defra estate is large and extremely diverse, meaning that traditional behaviour-change techniques would be unusually costly if deployment were to treat the whole estate. What Defra need is a low cost, highly deployable and highly effective set of tools to deliver behaviour change across the estate.

CarbonCulture is different from traditional approaches. It is designed to give local management the tools to make locally appropriate decisions. No-one knows more about the possibilities to save energy and carbon than the people that work in the buildings every day and share the space with colleagues and co-workers. Yet, in order to learn from best practices in other sites, and in other working cultures, these people need better tools and information.