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Monday 26 March 2007

More Associates feature in Future London exhibition

Future London is a GLA project that helps Londoners to make their city sustainable, and shows how design and planning can help. The project was launched with a large exhibition in East London designed to show the public that sustainable living is both easy and affordable. The exhibition goes beyond describing the sustainable lifestyle choices that people can make by showing the consequences of these choices, making it easy to see the link between individual actions and local, national and global impacts.

More power

We designed and developed an energy display that featured as part of an environmentally friendly home exhibit, created by internationally renowned sustainable architects Bda Zedfactory. As visitors use household appliances - lights, a television, a hairdryer - they are immediately shown the 'energy impact' of their actions. The system translates that energy use into a carbon impact and cold hard cash - a crucial strategy in achieving behaviour change.

The exhibition was a success. As well as being seen by the general public, many schoolchildren also took part, and we had positive feedback from all parties - including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of London!