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Wednesday 03 December 2008

Environmental book design of the year goes to More Associates project

We're very proud to announce that the the Green Marketing Manifesto by John Grant won the Environmental award in the British Book Design and Production Awards 2008. Visual design, art-direction, sustainable design and technical approach for the book were delivered by More Associates. The design maintained the quality feel of a hardback book, while reducing its embodied carbon and waste impact, and reflecting the content of the book in its production.

John has produced a fantastic guide for the 'green marketer' in this book. He was himself closely involved in the design of the book, and his publishers were enormously accommodating – even enthusiastic – about all our eco-demands. Congratulations to John and to TJ International who produced the book, and to publishers Wiley.

Thanks must go to Calverts who – while they didn't print the book – offered great help with some of the trickier aspects of sustainable print production.

In his blog entry, John points out that books are still, at root, a pretty carbon inefficient way of spreading knowledge. But it's important to remember the impact of the the lifespan of the text. If writers like John can create books that will be kept for decades by their readers, then the paper is used hundreds of times more efficiently than most of our print material. Most of the paper that is made goes into use for less than a single month before it is pulped or sent to landfill.