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Archived posts from March 2014

Tuesday 04 March 2014

Help us find a Digital Product Designer

CarbonCulture is a pioneering sustainability start-up built on a real understanding of user-centered design. We’re working with fantastic partners and customers to make digital tools that accelerate sustainable practices in business, government and the public realm. And – in all seriousness – to make this acceleration irresistibly fun. CarbonCulture makes tools that enable people to discover activities that result in social and environmental benefit, as well as being delightful experiences in their own right.

We are looking for a user-centred designer with strong product thinking to come and join us in our lovely offices in Shoreditch. in the coming months we will design and test a number of new tools and we need a designer who ‘gets’ product thinking to join in. Experience shipping digital products for real users – whether games, digital products, public service, retail software or social software – will be valuable.