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Archived posts from October 2008

Wednesday 15 October 2008

Sustainable profitability and the new economic reality

The last few weeks have thrown up plenty of speculation about what the current economic crisis will do to the efforts of businesses and governments on sustainability issues. From here at More it looks as though prospects for doing sustainable business in this new environment are if anything improved - making more value at less cost is the central idea that business and sustainability share. In an environment of contraction, clients are actively looking for solutions that solve their carbon issues and their core business issues in concert.

The decks will be cleared as well: a lot of superficial practice will be shown up, and many greenwashers will let go of 'green' as they focus on short term cashflow issues. This would give a clearer run to organisations who see sustainable profitability as central to future success, and reduce PR noise around genuinely good practice. The FT have just put out a Sustainable Business supplement, available on their website, that provides a good overview of some perspectives in this broad debate.