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Archived posts from December 2008

Thursday 25 December 2008

More Associates anticipates 2009; wishes merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone!

2008 was an exciting year for More: It was the year that Onzo became independent, won major investment to take climate-change to the masses, and was later listed in the Guardian clean-tech 100. The new GVEP International website was shortlisted for the prestigious EBIC Social Impact Awards for its success in taking sophisticated knowledge and information management to the third sector. And John Grant's 'Green Marketing Manifesto' recently won the environmental category of the British Book Design and Production Awards 2008.

Wednesday 03 December 2008

Environmental book design of the year goes to More Associates project

We're very proud to announce that the the Green Marketing Manifesto by John Grant won the Environmental award in the British Book Design and Production Awards 2008. Visual design, art-direction, sustainable design and technical approach for the book were delivered by More Associates. The design maintained the quality feel of a hardback book, while reducing its embodied carbon and waste impact, and reflecting the content of the book in its production.