More Associates is a ground-breaking sustainable innovation practice. We make more out of less.

Our clients aim to lead their sectors by putting resource efficiency and sustainable profitability at the heart of what they do. We identify opportunities to align business objectives with social and environmental outcomes and deliver innovation to address those opportunities. This goes beyond compliance and risk-management, turning necessary cost into competitive advantage for our clients.

We use design process and techniques to reliably address social and environmental challenges while reducing costs and driving profitability. Our approach brings together sustainable design with emerging technologies and social innovation, and leads to novel products, services and communications.

We work for business, for Government, and for NGOs. We are non-partisan, and work with specialists from diverse sectors and viewpoints. We are passionate about using great design to make things work better for real people in the real world.

More Associates was founded in 2003. Our studio is at the Angel in central London.